September 2004 Half Dome
So our September club trip was to climb Half Dome.  From the valley it's about an 18 mile roundtrip hike with 4800 ft of climb. Yep, it's a full day.

I think this was the best picture I shot the whole trip. Friday several of our hikers met at a trailhead near Glacier Point and hiked to here, Taft Point. That's El Capitan on the opposite side of the valley. An incredible sight.

  Same hike, now atop Sentinel Dome.  Ansel Adams once took a real cool picture of Half Dome from here.  We got tentcabins in Yosemite Valley for two nights, tomorrow we climb Half Dome.

  Saturday morning trailhead picture. We have a young and energetic bunch for this trip, all first-time attenders to the club. "Uhh, so whose dad is that little old glasses dewd...?"

  Skipping to what you came to see: mile 8, after climbing 4500 feet from the Yosemite Valley, we arrive at the bottom of the cables.  It's a 45 degree climb to the summit.

  It's a big area to walk around up here. As you can see, the weather has turned since yesterday, with cold wind blowing clouds across the summit.

  Maybe this one was my best picture instead. Heading DOWN the cables.

  As we pose for our snapshot on the ledge, our flyby is once again flawlessly timed.