February 2005 -  Vasquez Rocks County Park
Vasquez Rocks is one of my favorite local hiking spots.  This year's winter rains have transformed it into a green rock garden.  It was once the hideout of a gang of outlaws and horse thieves led by a bandito named Tiburcio Vasquez.  After years of robbing stages and travellers, Vasquez was eventually caught and hanged.  Vasquez Rocks are also a favorite outdoor shooting location for the film and television industry.  I've seen scenes shot here in Austin Powers, Star Trek, The Flintstones, Army of Darkness, and most infamously, the best parody film of all time: Blazing Saddles.
Anyway, here's a few pics I took on a recent dayhike.

  Wherever you live, I guarantee you've seen these rocks on TV.

  A portion of the Pacific Crest Trail winds through the park's canyons.

  A seasonal stream flows in Escondido Canyon

  Sunset and reflections in a tiny creek