Thor Peak - August 2007
While my buddy Mark was climbing Mt Whitney, I climbed nearby 12,300' Thor Peak. Thor stands in the lap of Mt Whitney, 4000' above Whitney Portal.
I approached from the North Fork, by the Mt Whitney Mountaineers' Route. I had a Tom Harrison topo, but no precise directions, and the summit ridge is a series of comblike pinnacles. So I found the summit frustrating to find - as stupid as that sounds - and as suspected, I discovered later that I had not quite achieved the highest pinnacle, but I was pretty close on the summit ridge, so I counted the day as successful.
This guy posted a decent photo of Thor Peak from down on the Whitney road, but also here is a photo we took last year from the summit of 12,944 Lone Pine Peak, with Thor in the background.

. Topo map. My route climbs 4000' from Whitney Portal in less than three miles, but 2400' is in the last mile.

. Hiking up the North Fork, this is by Lower Boy Scout Lake; Thor Peak is at left, Mt Whitney summit is at right.

. The view of the 1000' talus pile above Lower Boy Scout Lake.

. At the crest of the ridge

. Almost same place, looking straight up at Thor's summit ridge.  You can see why it's confusing as to which spire is tallest, because they all look pretty close in height from this perspective.  After attempting three of them, and with skies filling with clouds, I called it good enough.

. Looking up at the Whitney summit, showing a hiker looking over the edge. Maybe he's taking MY picture, too.

. Summit shot looking east, to the Portal and Owens Valley below.

. Summit shot looking SSW, to Consultation Lake and Mt McAdie

. Summit shot looking southwest, over Wotan's Throne to Trail Crest

. Photo of me on the return.

. 3.4 Mb Quicktime vid, from several points along the route.

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