November 2003 Superstition Mountain
The terraces of Superstition Mountain are visible from probably 80 miles away, and on our hike today we climbed to the summit point.  Beginning at the 2000' elevation trailhead in Lost Dutchman State Park, this route climbs a steep west-facing defile named Siphon Draw to the 5000' summit  - in under 3 miles!  Our group today was intended to be more, but ended up being me, Jamie and one of Jamie's frequent hiking compadres, Todd.

  The Flatiron is in the center of the photo here, taken from Lost Dutchman SP. Actually I snapped this on our hike back down.

  Looking down on Apache Junction from Siphon Draw; it's a lot steeper than it looks, requiring a lot of climbing with your hands.

   Looking southeast from top of the Flatiron.  It was hazy when we arrived here, but that rounded summit on the far right is Mt Lemmon in the Catalinas.

   On the Flatiron, I found this tiny tarantula, one of two I saw during the day.  My thumb presented for scale.

   Now we double back to head toward the actual summit, here seen center-left.

   Our group picture on the summit of Superstition Mountain

The 360-degree view here (272kb) is fairly unimpressive compared to how it looks when you're there.

   Hiking down.

   Back on the flats. The sunset tonight casts Four Peaks in magenta.

   ....and made this photo great, too.

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