February 1, 2003 Dayhike in Superstition Wilderness
While the day spent out here was great, I'll remember it somewhat sadly, as we found out upon return to Phoenix of the loss of the Columbia shuttle orbiter.

  Area map. We hiked counterclockwise on this loop in the southwest corner of the Superstitions Wilderness.

Jamers At the Peralta Trailhead. Today we'll hike the Lost Dutchman / Bluff Springs trail loop, about 10 miles or so.

Dutchman Tr What a beautiful day we have!  Not too warm, plenty of sunshine too. The Lost Dutchman Trail heads out from the trailhead almost due east, over rolling desert terrain. This loop doesn't get anywhere near the traffic that the Peralta Trail gets on an average weekend.

hiking along About the halfway point. It's like a cactus-garden back here. That's Weaver's Needle in back, we're east-southeast of it here.

Bluff Springs Trail in Barks Canyon. Weaver's Needle makes a good photo subject in the late afternoon sun.

  Mr Arizona

Further down the Bluff Springs Trail, about 1 mile from the trailhead.

Finish, looking up into Peralta Canyon.

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