Miscellaneous April - May - June - July 2005
On a return hiking trip to Owens Peak Wilderness in the South Sierras we found these bedrock grinding holes - with a pestle - and a cave with rock art.

After all the heavy snows this winter, this was the springtime of waterfalls.  In between heavy runoff years, bedrock tubs sediment in, and in years like 2005 the heavy runoff flushes them out - recreating great swimmin' holes. Yes, these are local.

. Plentiful flowers this year, and they stayed late too

. On a Hiking Club trip to hike at Joshua Tree NP, days were pretty warm but the nights were great.

. On a Hiking Club hike in Cooper Canyon, a hike beneath giant cedars

. On June 27 the Pacific Crest Trail Association started a work project on part of the PCT that I track and inventory in the western San Gabriels.  About ten volunteer workers were out to cut back brush here, on one of the brushiest segments.  These before-after photos taken at the same spot on the trail represent the scale of the work that is sometimes required to keep the PCT open.  I worked for three days with them, and we camped in a remote forest service campground.  It's dirty work, without showers.  A few days prior, this amateur filmmaker called and wanted to come out to shoot volunteers performing trailwork and do interviews for a followup film he was making.  A snippet of what I said on camera was included in the film, and later I got a copy of the DVD in the mail from him.

July 4th weekend I backpacked for 4 days in Golden Trout Wilderness of the South Sierras.  My hiking buddy snapped these photos of a cinnamon-colored black bear rooting for gophers. We watched him from out in the open for 30 minutes, but in his state of hunger he evidently never noticed us.

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