South Sierra Wilderness

May 30-June 1, 2003

Beck Meadow
This hiking club trip was a loop hike out of the Kennedy Meadows Campground in Sequoia National Forest. This part of the Sierras doesn't get much backpacker traffic, so we saw no others the whole weekend. It was a little warm at the lower elevations, owing to the season.

  I had to work Friday before driving up so I got onto the trailhead at 4:30. 

  Lower Crag Creek.  The woods along the way was carpetted in these tiny purple flowers. I haven't seen these before.

  When I arrived at our camp it was nearly dark; I snapped this sunset shot.  After greetings I layed down in my bag and fell asleep to yapping coyotes.
Overnight, the meadow got cold; I'd have chosen a site elevated above the meadow for that reason, but everyone else was already set up.  Overnight it dropped to 28 and I awoke with my bag covered in frost.

  Packing up.

  Group shot.

  On the trail to the South Fork, Mike snapped this photo of a bear.  I wasn't there to see, but they said it was a pair of adolescents.

  That's Dutch John Flats off my left shoulder and below.

   For this trip I brought my shelter tarp.

  Sunday, hiking out to Kennedy Meadows.

   Our finishing photo.