Southeastern Arizona
Another epic spring break, this one covering lots of southeast Arizona, and these are sample photos that Paul or I took April 1-7, 2006.

  Area map, with our travels highlighted.

  First to Chiricahua National Monument. We hiked, and camped there. This rock is called the Camel's Head.

  "Sorry Bry, but this map is of no use.  I'm afraid I've gotten us hopelessly lost, and we have to spend the rest of our lives out here. You'll probley get used to it."

  We meant to buy Mexican stuff at Agua Prieta (just across the border from Douglas), but it turned out to be just a hike. We were the only gringo touristas in a town without tourista stuff.

  Lunch in Bisbee, a copper mining town established in the 1800's.  Check out this guy's Quicktime VR's, especially of the Lavender Pit, which surprisingly is NOT a lesbian bar.

  Hold on....what's with the funny anteater...racoon...monkey... thing?!  (Spotted on a backroad at Colossal Cave County Park in the Rincons).

   Remember that country bar in The Blues Brothers where they played behind chicken wire?  I think that was this place on the highway west of Tucson.  Check out the large electic-light bull horns above the exit (upper right in the second photo).

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