October 14-16, 2005 Camping Trip to Santa Cruz Island in Channel Islands National Park
Santa Cruz Island is 26 miles off the California coast.  This was the 3rd Hiking Club trip to Santa Cruz Island and the biggest yet with 28 campers, plus this time was a joint trip with the JPL (Jet Propulsion Labs) Hiking Club.  We took kayaks and also did snorkelling and hiking.

  The boat trip is out of Ventura Harbor on a big tri-hull catamaran.

  A Humpback Whale we saw on the way out

  Scorpion Harbor, with the mainland coast in background.

  The island has lots of sea caves to explore by kayak.  This point is called The Elephant, and you can see straight through the arch called 'Marge Simpson'

  About a dozen or so of us hiked to the southeast side of the island to Smuggler's Cove.

  Smuggler's Cove looking roughly east. That's Anacapa Island on the right, and far off in the distance you can see 3000' Boney Mountain, which marks the western end of the Santa Monica mountains, on the mainland.


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