Nightmare Gulch in Red Rock Canyon State Park
Nightmare Gulch has become my favorite local desert hike! Red Rock Canyon State Park is in the El Paso Mountains, about an hour's drive north of where I live.  I've passed the park a hundred times but never stopped there til late 2005.  Since then I have hiked in Nightmare Gulch about 4 times now, and these pics are a sampling from those couple of hikes.

  Area map to Red Rock Canyon State Park

  Parking lot photo

  Most of this park is remote and not hiked often.  Here's looking back at the parking lot, with just my car and one other parked in it.  I heard that these cliffs were used for backdrop in lots of movies, including The Ten Commandments. Incidently, a great Quicktime VR from about this same point is posted here.

  Park scenery.  This is a really pleasant hike when the days are cool but the sun is warm

  Canyon walls draw in to the mouth of Nightmare Gulch

  In the narrows.  This stretch of the canyon is about a mile long.  And yes, after a rain, we found some places of quicksand in this canyonbottom.

  Around every corner are more pictures

On one trip, by leaving a second vehicle off the Randsburg Cutoff Road, we could hike over the head of the canyon and down into Last Chance Canyon.  There we found totally different scenery altogether. If you have at least one high-clearance vehicle, this is really the way to get your money's worth out of the ten mile hike.

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