New Orleans, November 2006
14 months have passed since New Orleans got flooded.  My buddy Steve Rueb gave me a tour of town when I was down there. Here is an interesting site that presents the chronology of different flood events that occured in greater New Orleans.

  The French Quarter is the old part of the city which was built on high ground.  Didn't get much if any flooding. I really didn't notice any difference from what it used to look like.

  Lots of greater New Orleans looked like this neighborhood in Metairie that got a few feet of floodwater. Some houses were fully repaired, lots are in work while families live in FEMA trailers in the front yard, some homes not yet in work. Lots of FEMA trailers....

  I think this was in the Gentilly neighborhood, which flooded 10' deep.  Most homes weren't yet in repair. Few FEMA trailers.  The houses are brick construction so they remained standing, not that it matters much. Here's a vid (156kb, no sound)

  A condemned house in the same neighborhood. You can still see a high-water line on the roof.  This neighborhood soaked in ten feet of nasty, brackish, sewage-fouled water for over a week.

  Video (2mb, no sound). I think this was in Lower Ninth Ward. When the levee broke and flooded it 10' deep, the old wooden houses here got pushed off their foundations. Lots of houses probably just broke apart, so people died there. I heard the floodwater made a huge 30' high debris pile from all the wrecked houses and stuff. What houses remained after they pumped it out were knocked down and trucked off, or will be, so this area is mostly only concrete slabs.  The oaks survived but lots of other trees didn't. It sort of looks rural now. There were no FEMA trailers anywhere here.

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