Miscellaneous Summer 2006 Stuff

  Memorial Day Weekend was cool enough - cold, even - for a last backpacking to the desert.  Mike and I found lots of high grass atop this mesa in the Coso Wilderness.

  June: out with USFS, BLM, and other PCTA workers to review a proposed PCT reroute in the Tehachapis, our windfarm hosts gave us a tour, and stopped to show us a wind turbine that failed and crashed the week before. This actually is is one of the smaller turbines.  Here's a 692kb video of the crash site also.

  Hiking in the mountains behind Malibu, I took this shot of Santa Monica Bay's beaches, including the piers at Santa Monica and Venice.

  On another hike: Griffith Park Observatory, seen from the Mt Hollywood summit

  A really cool sunset shot: lights of Malibu from the Santa Monica promenade.

  Summit of Mount Baden-Powell, one of my favorite hikes in the San Gabriel range.  The trail climbs 2800' to the top of the 9400' mountain, where Boy Scouts erected a monument to the founder of scouting.  It's a great conditioning hike, with a good view and cool breezes at the top.  This view is looking NW toward Palmdale; you can also see some of the dry lake beds out toward Edwards AFB in the right side of the photo.  On this day I could see from Santa Catalina Island (30 miles off the coast), to Telescope Peak and the southern Sierras. Those gnarled trees are 2000-year old limber pines.

  Here's a 360-degree video from the same spot, starting out looking east at Mt Baldy (no sound, 456kb).

  Downtown LA and (on the horizon at left,) Santa Catalina Island taken fom the summit of San Gabriel Peak.  This was on a hot, clear Sunday afternoon,  and I didn't see but about 4 other hikers, but I did run into a Southern Pacific rattlesnake on the hike back down