February 24, 2007
This month's Hiking Club outing is at Malibu Creek State Park, in the central Santa Monica mountains (map).  It used to be the 20th Century Fox movie ranch, and is where the TV show MASH was shot until 1983.  We hiked to the MASH site today.

    Oak-dotted valley of Malibu Creek.  Most of the first Planet of the Apes was filmed here, also parts of Swiss Family Robinson, Dr Doolittle, and for Pleasantville they built a whole main street facade here.

  My attempt to photograph a treeful of birds without a tripod.  These are black-hooded parakeets, introduced to LA from South America, where they're called conures.

     Three photos at the MASH site: 25 years of disuse has allowed the brush to restore but you can recognize it pretty well still. I took these from the set's helipad. A lot of the canyonbottom road into here has also been destroyed by floods and replaced with the native canyon vegetation.

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