Sept 3, 2006 - Lone Pine Peak in the South Sierra

Lone Pine Peak is a 12,944' peak in the South Sierra.  It stands above Lone Pine but below the jagged spine of the Sierras, so I always figured it had a pretty good summit view.  Since there's no trail to its summit, it's just not so easy to get to for regular hiking dweebs like us. This Hiking Club trip ended up with just three of us.

  Starting early on Sunday morning, with a rising sun shining on Mt Whitney..

  Yeah, that's where we're going. And it turned out even looser than it looks....

  This chute took about two hours to climb.

  Near the top of the chute

  At the top of the chute, but still an hour from the summit

  Mt Corcoran is the one in the middle

  Near the summit, with Owens Valley 9000' below!

  The triumphant summit team!  That's Mt Whitney behind us.

  Lone Pine Peak!  The Movie. (2.8Mb Quicktime)