August 13, 2005
Climbing 14,042' Mt Langley

.  I climbed Mt Langley once before, in 1998.  It's a great hike -19 miles roundtrip with 4000 ft of climb. This time is a warmup for my buddy Joe, who wants to climb Mt Whitney this year.  I figure, today's hike will either give him some confidence and enthusiasm to make it, or else he'll get cured of the desire to climb mountains.  Either way - he's good.  Here's a map - Mt Langley is ten miles or so south of Mt Whitney, on the SE border of Sequoia NP.  Closest access is from the 10,000' Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead in the Eastern Sierra.

.  Route map.  Trail from the trailhead is up thru the Cottonwood Lakes basin, with LOTS of great scenery, past Lake 5 and treeline to Army Pass. From there it's cross-country and up 2000 more feet to the summit.

.  Mile 5.  Cottonwood Lakes basin has 15 lakes or more

.  On 12,000' Army Pass

.  From here the remainder of the climb is 2000 ft of cross-country climbing, and first covers a mile or so of gravel which deepens at the higher elevations, and then you have to find a cleft in those bigger rocks toward the summit to get through.

.  On the summit, mile 8.5.  That's Mt Whitney behind us, at about 500 feet higher, and at center right, in the foreground, is 13,700 ft Mt Corcoran.  Mt Langely was originally named Mt Corcoran on early surveys.

.  I took this one with the Owens Valley and Inyo Mts showing behind

.  Heading back down through the deep gravel that we had to climb up.  It's like a kitty litterbox at 13,000 ft.

.  These were the funniest-looking cows I've ever seen

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