10.18.03 - Paddling Kayaks Around Point Dume
Bob and I paddled from Westward Beach near Point Dume eastward along the coast about 6 miles to Corral Beach. It was a fun day.

  Map, with our float highlighted in red.

  After carcamping overnight on a hillside above the Malibu coastline, we unload here at Westward Beach, with Point Dume behind me.  No fog today! The plan was to paddle around the point, and snorkel in the coves on the other side, then resume to Corral Beach where Bob's son has shuttled the van.  A great plan, actually, but unfortunately an algael bloom is clouding the water, so no snorkelling for us today...

  My aptly-named friend Bob and I thought up this idea after I was out here and hiked this coastline, and I later commented to him about how  calm and colorful the coves were; inviting for snorkelling, but without road access.  He suggested we could paddle to them, and afterward follow the current further to Corral Beach, so the plan was on.

  Rounding the point, the water is foamy from crashing against the rocks. We saw sea lions sunning here.

  I think this is the biggest house I've ever seen.  As we paddled by, Ruth Buzzi from 'Laugh-In' came out in a housecoat and hurled oranges at us, and admonished us to "get the hell out of my yard!!"
Of course that story is true, I don't just make up stuff to put on my web pages.
BTW those are surfers in the water at right.

  This big purple jelly was about basketball-sized, and very colorful.

  At the Paradise Cove pier, we were feeling brave enough to 'run the gauntlet'.

  Got to feeling a little TOO brave here, and while watching these surfers having a great time, a big swell came in, and I remember seeing the top of it curling towards me.  I rode over it, but I got unbalanced on the backside and went for a soaker.  BTW that's Point Dume off in the distance.
We finished at Bob's van shortly thereafter and grabbed some lunch with the beautiful people in Malibu.