July 5-7, 2002 Horseshoe Meadows Loop
Backpacking Club had a group of 4 for this hiking trip in the Golden Trout Wilderness of the South Sierra. Click on the thumbs for a larger version of the picture.

  DAY 1: At the Horseshoe Meadows Trailhead.

  Resting on Trail Pass

  Hiking across Bullfrog Meadows

  Brian and Peter stop for water on the S. Fork of the Kern River.  It's just  a small creek up here.

  DAY 2: The old dirt landing strip at Tunnel Meadow. From the 30's to the 70's fishermen and hunters could access the area thru here.

Brian looks at a bulkhead from one plane that evidently didn't get out.

  Another view from atop a rock at the opposite end of the meadow. The airstrip is about 1500 ft in length. This, we thought, would have been looking right down toward the direction of landing.

  The Forest Service Station at Tunnel Meadows, built in 1936,  is now only a sad burnt-out ruin. We heard it was destroyed accidently about 3 years ago when careless workers were working on some propane line modifications.

Here's what the station looked like: 

  A view of the north face of pyramid-shaped Kern Peak.

  Entering Big Whitney Meadow on the Golden Trout Creek trail.

  Big Whitney Meadow

  DAY 3:  After a 2-hr climb, atop 11,160-ft Cottonwood Pass

Looking east into Horseshoe Meadows

  After 23 miles our trip ends where we began.