May 22-30, 2004 Marble / Grand Canyon Rafting Trip
Steve and I got gypped on our 2003 river trip - so this year's was partly a makeup.  This actually is the same half-canyon trip that Paul and I floated three years ago   Both trips have been great and I can recommend the experience to anyone thinking about it.

  Regional map, with upper Grand Canyon highlighted in green.

  Steve looks mighty clean and polished on the curb at Sky Harbor airport. Heh-heh-hehh......

  We hiked in the cool West Fork of Oak Creek by Sedona on the way up to Flagstaff......

  May 23 - Day 1, Mile 0 at Lee's Ferry.  This is the start of our 6-day, 89-mile river trip in oarboats, paddle rafts, and inflatable kayaks.  I think Steve and I spent most of our time in the paddle raft but we got to paddle some good rapids in the kayaks too.

  Day 2, Mile 17: A hike in Rider Canyon

  I don't remember where this was but it was a good picture of Steve and me.

.....  Mile 32: From 2nd night's camp, we hiked up South Canyon to some Indian ruins and rock art.

.....  Day 3, Mile 47: hiking in Saddle Canyon, where the walls press in and a cool waterfall tumbles into a pool.

  3rd night's camp, Mile 50.  Pretty much this is what every camp looked like, just a tarp on the beach.  I always slept pretty good.

  By the finish of Day 3 we'd made 50 river miles, so Day 4 could be a hiking day.  The pics from this day deserve a page of their own, so click on the thumbnail to go there

  After the big hike, we had time in the afternoon for relaxing in early shade.  I think we had steaks for supper.  Afterwards, I took this snapshot with the rafts staked on the beach.

....    Day 5, Mile 61.5:  The Little Colorado's travertine springs gush bluish water, and it's a fun pullout spot for playing around.  Here Steve models his lifejacket like a diaper and then bobs over a pouroff....

  From our 5th camp at the mouth of Carbon Creek (Mile 65), we hiked upcanyon to this really open valley.

  Day 6: In the Inner Gorge we stopped for a quick hike up 75-Mile Wash.  Steve has reached his full potential of wardrobe relaxation, yet inexplicably I'm sporting a fairly fresh look today.

  Lunch at the mouth of Clear Creek, Mile 84.  Steve feels fully at liberty to express enjoyment of his newly relaxed wardrobe.

  Mugging at the waterfall in Clear Creek.

  Day 7!!  After goodbyes at the dropoff at Pipe Creek, we near the end of the 7-mile climbout on Bright Angel Trail.

  Finish on the South Rim. People everywhere. Welcome back to the world.

  "....-AAAaaahhhh......."  Having a cold one in the Bright Angel Lodge.