Sept 29 - Oct 5, 2007 in GSENM / GCNRA
This year Steve and I hiked in the Escalante Basin / Glen Canyon area.

  Area map with destination circled. After picking up fellow Hygiene CO Scout Troop 281 member / Colorado expatriate Steve Rueb at Las Vegas, we spent the rest of the day driving to Escalante Utah.

  First and final nights' accomodations in Escalante were at Escalante Outfitters, a flyfishing guide service.  Their place has comfy $45 cabins with bunkbeds, wireless internet, restaurant and a great supply store.  (Yep that is my old Nissan pickup, and it ran flawlessly for the 1600 miles of this trip, about 100 of which were off the paved road.) While there, we also enjoyed partaking in some of the local Polygamy.

  We camped 38 miles down the Hole In The Rock Road, only a few miles from Lake Powell.

  Monday morning was threatening rain, so we hiked across the slickrock to the rim and down toward the Escalante River. The passage off the rim is this crack behind a scabbed-off slab of the cliff.  Each direction as we approached the crack, rain started, so the shelter was handy.

Then we camped by Hole-In-The-Rock Road again, and a strong lightning storm arrived about midnight that dropped probably an inch of rain.  We were glad to be in the truck shell instead of down in a canyon.

  Tuesday we hiked down Hurricane Wash.  We saw evidence that the canyon flooded a little in the storm, which also made for lots of quicksand that lingered for the three days of our visit.  The second day we met a guy who, while out hiking solo, fell in some when the bank he was walking on collapsed, sinking him to his crotch.  He struggled for twenty minutes to get out of it.

Our camp on a high bench in Coyote Gulch.  We camped here by four guys from New York, who were pretty good company and kept us laughing.

Wednesday we put on our sandals and headed down Coyote Gulch to see Coyote Natural Bridge and awesome Jacob Hamblin Arch.

One of my best photos from that day

  Friday morning, after overnighting again in Escalante, we hiked to Escalante Natural Bridge.  As we departed the town of Escalante in another storm, we were glad to go, since it was getting cold.  We overnighted in Mesquite NV, I dropped off Steve at the Las Vegas airport on Saturday, and I drove home.

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