Death Valley National Park, March 2006

  This trip was with three hiking buddies from work.  We had a short list of places in central DVNP that we wanted to visit. We were going to camp Friday night at Emigrant Station (at 2000', between Town Pass and Stovepipe Wells) but the overnight weather looked nasty, so we camped down at Stovepipe Wells.  As it turned out that ended up being a smart move as a cold storm system moved in early Saturday.

   Friday: on the drive out:  it still looks like winter in the Panamints above Emigrant Pass

   Looking into Badwater Basin from 6400' Aguereberry Point. It was cold here so we didn't stay long.

   Some rock art by the road in Emigrant Canyon

  Friday night the winter storm came through, blowing down tents in the campground and dropping a good soaking rain. Here's what the snow looked like on Tucki Mtn and the Cottonwood Mountains on Saturday morning. We found remnant snow Sunday at about 4000' so it was easily low enough to bury Hwy 190 at Town Pass. Fortunately it was not enough to flood the campground.  I stayed dry in my tent, but wondered a few times that night if the wind would unstake a corner...

  Saturday we opted to stay low, hiking in the1000-2000' elevation in Marble Canyon (see map).  We found limestone fossils like these all over.

   In Marble Canyon.

   Sunday: with sun shining today, we're going hiking in Jayhawker Canyon.

   A stitch from about the same spot, looking NE with mountains labelled

   Our destination: Jayhawker Spring.  This rock has many petroglyphs on it, but also some inscribed names left by members of the 1849 Jayhawker Party when they camped here on their route out of the valley.  Also inscribed are names from an 1860 expedition that was looking for a fabled silver lode. Although several expeditions were launched to try to locate it, it was never found because it likely never existed in the first place.

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