March 22-25 2007 Death Valley Trip
This 4-day trip was to climb Panamint Dunes, explore more in Grotto Canyon, and hike into Marble Canyon in the Cottonwood Mtns.

  Trona just sort of grows on you. Although today the sulfurous fumes and windblown phosphate powder were working overtime, I noticed only one or two more burned-down houses this time through.  And if anybody wanted to buy a California house with a lake view, there are awesome deals to be had in Trona.  Just check out this quaint little fixer-upper here.

  I hiked to the top of the Panamint Dunes

  In a narrows in Fall Canyon

  In Narrows of Marble Canyon

  Hiking in scenic upper Marble Canyon

  The trip vid - 3.7 Mb

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