September 16-20 2006 - Canyonlands & Stuff
I flew to Grand Junction CO, about two hours from Moab, and rented a car.  The photo above is of the LaSal mountains, I took it while driving west on I-70.  I hoped mainly to  hike in Canyonlands NP, a park I've only visited once previously.

  I visited the Island district of Canyonlands.  This is the view from Grand View Point, from about 180 degrees looking roughly south.

  Area map.

  Near Grand Vew Point  I did a hike off the rim, down to the edge of the next terrace (named the White Rim). The Gooseberry Canyon route is only 2.7 miles of hiking but drops about 1300' in the first mile.  There weren't any other hikers out here today.  I marked the route in red.

  It was a perfect day for a desert hike. In Gooseberry Canyon.

  1.3MB vid, with sound

  A video I took at the lookout at Dead Horse State Park (916kb vid, no sound)

  Sept 17 - A cool bedrock pouroff just outside Moab.

  The largest in this cluster of Moab men was about four feet high!  These glyphs always look to me like the Knights Who Say Nee.

Sept 19 - I'm driving down to the Needles District of Canyonlands today, and on the way I saw this rock art panel at Newspaper Rock State Park

  On the trail in Chesler Park

   The weird place was this real long fracture called The Joint. This is about as remote a place as I ever visited.

  Sept 20 - Took in a 4-mile R/T hike to Morning Glory Arch just outside town. It was a cloudy day today, threatening rain.

On the way out of town, I had 20 minutes to blow so I did a brief detour into Arches NP, and was surprised to look across and see fresh snow on the LaSals.   As I'm passing the Moab city limits sign on the way out, I look up a half mile and see a rainstorm moving in.  It looked like a grey curtain pulled across the road.  There were these two kids on the shoulder of the highway with their thumbs out, looking nervously behind em at the end of the world happening.  I had an empty car, so I pulled over to give em a ride. When they saw they were gonna get a ride, they were almost jumping up and down they were so glad.  They were two Russian kids, no older than 18 probly, and they were working tables in Moab for the summer. "We need to go to airport, to buy tickets to go to Russiya," they says.  Really?  Well I'm goin to the airport in Grand Junction.
"We want to go to Moab airport."
Heh?  Moab?!   Ya can't fly to Russia from Moab!  Ya gotta like, go to someplace else first.... like New York airport....or something... if ya wanna go to Russia.  Daaaang.
So I pull off to the Moab airport, where there's a big orange windsock on a pole.  The rain stops, and I left em there.  If nothing else, they had good luck, anyway.  They were crazy enough to find their way to Moab in the first place, so maybe they got it figured out.  Krazy kommie kids.

Does Canyonlands make for a good vacation?  Two thumbs up from me!  That's a better recomendation than even Aron Ralston can offer you.

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