July 2007
Cirque Peak is a 12900' peak overlooking the Cottonwood Lakes basin, in the Golden Trout Wilderness of the South Sierra.

. Trailmap.  The route I picked totals about 16 miles (though TOPO displays 10% less here, and that's quite typical).  From Horseshoe Meadows I took the new Army Pass trail to the last lake, climbed over the summit and back down to the PCT by Cottonwood Pass, then returned to Horseshoe Meadows. Not an especially tough peak to hike as far as South Sierra Peaks go, though with no summit trail, the route to the summit I used was the typical granite-blocks & rubble-fest.

I pumped some water at Long Lake.  The Foxtail Pines grow here, just below the treeline, and they live to very old ages.

. Climbing up the north slope of Cirque Peak.

. Cirque Peak: The movie!  2.7 Mb.  Go here to see a photo of Cirque Peak, on the right, taken by me last July from Big Whitney Meadow.

. Zoom shot looking SSW at Kern Peak, which I climbed last year.

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