..just when you thought you'd seen it all.......
Unseen from this angle, next to Brian is a once-magnificant and very deep emerald pool, which in the summer undoubtedly has a waterfall into it. Today there were only beercans floating in it.  This overwhelming array is repeated in full living color, 360 degrees and for hundreds of yards in both directions.  Broken glass, empty Cheetos bags, diapers, busted lawn chairs, plastic beverage bottles.  This photo represents 1/20th of it at best.
The rock wall at left has recently collapsed, leaving a pile of sharply broken boulders.  We were disappointed to not spot a spray-can-gripping arm sticking out from beneath.
One wonders how it could be that an aparent army of urban LA lowlifes could have found this place.  I've been hiking in this range for 13 years now, and til today, I wasn't aware that this series of pools and waterfalls even existed.  Could we conclude that LA's aspiring criminals are yet the most prolific of hikers, the most dedicated explorers of the unknown canyons of the San Gabriel range?  That armed with persistence, true commitment to vandalism, and a really good geology fieldguide, that others might replicate their high-minded achievements in other similar backcountry settings?  Perhaps that now, their persistence to find the perfect natural locale to defile with spraypaint and feces has rewarded them with an utmost sense of satisfaction?