Big Tujunga Narrows

  The point of today's endeavors is to check out the narrows section of Big Tujunga Creek.  After dropping off a vehicle at the top, Brian and I return to a point 3 miles downstream, drop into the canyon and follow the bed back upstream.  No trail exists within the canyon, it's a bush-whack all the way.  Nor does the highway closely parallel the canyon here, it's a really rugged area.
It was hot today, too, and bug-infested.  At about the halfway point we start encountering bedrock pools and pouroffs.  This waterfall is the highest obstacle today. We don't see much running water but it's late and that's to be expected; it makes the going easier.  We climbed around this series of falls on a goat-trail, which was infested with scratchy bushes that left a million little stickers in my legs that itched like mad for two days afterwards.  Note to self: next time wear long pants like Brian did on these kinds of hikes.

  Above the big waterfall was a long series of these fantastic bedrock pools. Some looked to be about ten feet deep.  It's hot today, but not THAT hot.  Most of these we need to climb around because wading only leads into the rock-walled pools.  We see nobody.

  This photo deserves a page all its own.