July 23-26, 2003
This Hiking Club trip was in the Ansel Adams Wilderness of the central Sierras. If some of the photos look like you've seen them before, I did hike through this area last year.  Having scouted around, I considered 1000 Island Lake as one of the prettiest lakes I'd seen to date in the Sierras, and at 8 miles in it seemed like a good fit for a summer club trip.  I also thought that Honey Dijon, Ranch and Bleu Cheese Lakes were overrated (and I completely avoided French Lake.)

Start  You might assume that it's named Ansel Adams Wilderness because Ansel Adams photographed much of the fantastic scenery here.  It's actually because here the famous photographer's headless body forever wanders the rocky landscape in search of living human victims.
OK, that's not really true.

  We climb along the headwaters of the San Joaquin River and appreciate someone's work here.

  That's 12,900' Banner Peak in the back. 1000 Island lake lies at its foot.

  1000 Island Lake. Not bad, huh?  I took this photo from our camp.

  This is Island Pass, one of the prettiest spots I know of in the Sierras.