November 10, 2007: Canyonering in Rubio Canyon / Verdugo Hills Night Hike
Rubio Canyon's famous waterfalls, and a club hike to the ridgeline of the Verdugos to look at LA.  Unfortunately I have no group photos here, just these few...

  I spent the morning with PCTA compadre Matt Maxon and his canyoneer / climber friends here in the southern foothills of the San Gabriels. I think we were a group of seven or eight. From the climb up the west ridge, looking straight into the narrows of Rubio Canyon.  Further up we'll drop into a higher part of the canyon, above the narrows, then use canyoneering techniques to descend through the narrows.

  A stitch of me starting down 80' Thalehaha Falls. WA-HOO!  Normally a lot more water pours off this falls, so it looks more like at this page.  This was the highest of 7 rappels.

  Then in the evening, a 3.6-mile hike brings our group of 14 Northrop hikers to the summit of the Verdugo Hills in LA.  Here there's this great view looking south at downtown LA and beyond to Long Beach.  I took this photo with my little Casio camera on a tripod with about a 4 second exposure.

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