January 1, 2005 in Superstition Wilderness
Our visit to the Supers followed several storms that dropped lots of rain.  January 1 was one of the few sunny days during the holiday time this year. Today we hiked to Boulder Canyon from the First Water Trailhead, a 6.5 mile roundtrip. Not a particularly noteworthy hike, just really green along on this day.

  A great day to be out for a hike

  Weaver's Needle from Garden Valley

  A closeup

  On Boulder Creek. This normally-dry wash drains lands from Fremont Saddle south towards Canyon Lake on the Salt River.  Today it is running quite well, and with another storm due tomorrow!

  Heading back.

  While donning my pantslegs at the trailhead, I thought this was just ugly enough to warrant recording for posterity.   The rather colorful result of setting The Club on a steering wheel and then attempting to egress the vehicle too hastily.  At 9 days of age, this beauty has matured nicely into a mutivariegated target zone roughly resembling a weekold highway roadkill. The Club, we can now state from personal experience, would make a mighty effective theft deterrent were a potential carjacker to find himself on the receiving end of a beating with one.  But I digress.

  Supper in Scottsdale, and another great Arizona sunset