November 10 - Rubio Canyon
A fun day with two 'hikes'

October - Backpacking in Southern Utah
Escalante area / Glen Canyon NRA.

September 21-23 - Santa Cruz Island
A Hiking Club trip to Channel Islands NP.

August - Climbing Thor Peak

August trip to Denver
A photo with my brother Shawn and cousin Tom.

July 23-26 Yosemite / Mammoth Lakes
A fun Hiking Club trip.

July - Climbing Cirque Peak
Awesome loop hike across a peak in the Golden Trout Wilderness.

June - Northern AZ Trip
Grand Canyon and climbing Mt Humphreys

Misc Spring 2007 Stuff

April in Joshua Tree NP
These are photos from two trips in April, one with Paul and the boys and one with the Hiking Club.

March 22-25 at Death Valley
The guys said this was the best trip yet.

Feb 24 at Malibu Creek State Park
A trip to TV Land.


Dec 31 Hiking in the Panamint Valley

Christmas in Denver
"...Quick, man the snow shovels...!"

Dec 2 - Griffith Observatory
A club hike in Griffith Park, including a visit to the newly-refurbed Griffith Observatory.

Oct 27 - New Orleans

Oct 21 - Night Hike
Great pics of LA

Sept 16-20 Canyonlands NP & Environs
Hikin' 'plog of vacation in the Moab area

Sept 3 - Lone Pine Peak
A 5000' climb in the Sierras!

Summer 2006
Miscellaneous stuff.

July 1-4 - Kern Peak
4-day backpack trip in the Golden Trout Wilderness of the southern Sierras

June 10-11 Mt San Jacinto
A Hiking Club overnight trip

April 26 - 30 Backpacking Trip at Grand Canyon
A rim to rim to rim 5-day backpacking trip!

April in Southeast Arizona
A Spring Break camping trip with Paul & the boys

March 25 Hike in the Santa Monicas
A Hiking Club dayhike

March 17-19 Death Valley Hiking
Rain and snow.


December - Pt Mugu State Park
Ocean views

October 2005 - January 2006 Nightmare Gulch
A great local hike in this desert canyon

October 29-30 Panamint Valley
A Mojave Desert offroad trip

October 14-16 Santa Cruz Island
A Hiking Club trip which included sea-cave kayaking & snorkelling

August - Mt Langley
Climbing the southernmost 14'er in the US.

July - Cozumel Island
Pics from Mayan ruins, snorkelling, all kinds of stuff.

Miscellaneous Spring 2005 Pictures
April Through July

March 18-19 Hiking at Joshua Tree NP
Desert Flowers & Palm Canyons

March 12 Hike in the Santa Monicas
A club hike on the Castro Crest, just above an ocean fog.

February 27 Littlerock Creek
Pictures of the local big wash flooding

February 12 Sand Canyon
Dayhike between winter storms in the South Sierras.

February: Vasquez Rocks
Photos from a recent dayhike in one of my favorite local parks.

January 15 Phoenix South Mountain Park National Trail Trek
Annual hike of the National Trail along the length of Phoenix's South Mountain Park.

Here's a couple of interesting pics, sent in by my old buddy Dan "The Grobber" Gronseth.  Dan's a Phoenix City Park Ranger, and he took these amazing photos of Camelback Mountain during a recent heavy downpour.
Picture 1  -  Picture 2

January 1 Hiking in the Supers
After lots of rain, there's lots of desert greenery


October 22-24 Death Valley
I have already posted lots of pics from other DV trips, so this time I'll just put up this imperfect stitch of pics from the Devil's Golfcourse in Badwater Basin.

October 2-9 in Southern Utah
Trip completely around Lake Powell.

Sept 18 Half Dome in Yosemite NP
Climb to the top of Half Dome with the Hiking Club!

Sept 5 Mt. Whitney
I took some photos from the summit of Mt Whitney in the Sierras on Sept 5 and stitched them together....

May - Grand Canyon Rafting Trip
Steve Rueb and I did a 6-day float trip in the upper Grand Canyon.  Cool hike pics!

April - Hiking Club trip to Coso Wilderness
Overnight to see rock art in a remote high desert valley.

April - Spring Break in Death Valley NP
Link to Paul's site.


November 28 Hiking on Superstition Mountain
A climb to the top of Superstition Mountain on Thanksgiving break.

October 26: Hike in Big Tujunga Canyon
A creek-hike  through the Big Tujunga Narrows in the San Gabriel Mountains; one of the last hikes I did with Brian before he died.

October 18: Ocean Kayaking
A day paddling along the Malibu coastline

October 6-10: Southern Utah Trip
Hiking at Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the Escalante, and a raft trip in Glen Canyon.

September 6-7: A Hike Down the East Fork of the San Gabriel River
One answer to the question, "What happens when guys get bored of hiking on trails?"

July: Backpacking in the Central Sierras
Hiking Club trip to 1000-Island Lake.

May 30 - June 1, 2003 - Backpacking in South Sierra Wilderness
A Hiking Club trip.

May 2003 Ozarks Canoe trip
For this year, Steve Rueb and I did a 3-day trip on the Buffalo River, AR.  Sort of.

April 2003 Spring Break in Death Valley NP
It's been a Death Valley year.  Visit Paul's website to see all the fun pics.

March 2003 in Death Valley NP
The Hiking Club's camping / hiking trip.

Feb 2003 Hike in the Supers
A pretty good day for hiking in Superstition Wilderness


November 22-24, 2002 Death Valley Racetrack Playa
Big whip, it's just a dry lake in the Mojave.

October 10-11 Backpack Trip to Snake Gulch AZ
Home of "The Largest Concentration of Big Snakes in the Wild Wild West"!  Well not really, but my  pics of Snake Gulch rock paintings are worth a look.

September 28 Hike at Little Petroglyph Canyon
Photos from the Backpacking Club's daytrip to this huge rock art site on the China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center.

August 28 - Sept 2, 2002 My Backpacking Trip in Ansel Adams Wilderness / Yosemite NP
Pics from my 4-day solo trip in the central Sierra.  This is the prettiest  of the Sierras that I've seen yet, and I was blessed with great weather and no mosquitos.

August 2-4, 2002 Big Pine Lakes Backpack
Our August club hike in the John Muir Wilderness of the Eastern Sierra.

July 5-7, 2002 Horseshoe Meadows Loop
Our Backpacking Club had a group of 4 for this hiking trip in Golden Trout Wilderness of the South Sierra.

May 2002 - Northern Arizona / Southern Utah Trip
Hiking at Navajo National Monument, Arizona, and Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah.


May 2001 - Marble / Grand Canyon Rafting Trip
6 days on the Colorado River!  This link takes you to my friend Paul's GC web page with photos and some short Quicktime vids I made on our Grand Canyon rafting trip. There's a bunch of stuff here, so be patient for it all to load.